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What is canvassing?

Canvassing is home sale

There is talk of canvassing when a seller closes an agreement through a visit to the house. This agreement can then be for the purchase of goods but also the closure of a service. The purchase amount must be at least €34. When the buyer has asked for the visit of the seller then there is no question of canvassing, the initiative must therefore come from the seller. In addition, there are a few more conditions for canvassing: there must be a written agreement in duplicate signed by the buyer and the seller (colporteur). The buyer must receive 1 copy of this. In case of canvassing, the buyer can dissolve the agreement within 8 days. At canvassing it is often the case that one person of the household has bought something, but that the other person does not agree with this, then it can be objected within 8 days, and then the connection can be dissolved. This rule is set because colporteur often use aggressive sales methods, making it difficult to say no to the door.

What are your rights when selling at the door? [YouTube]-MfCYEIZvMc [/youtube]

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