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What is DEET?

DEET is a muggenwerend agent

DEET is the abbreviation for n, N-diethyl-M-toluamide, and is a substance that infuses the odor sensors of mosquitoes. It makes sure that they don't reuken you anymore, so you also get much less. DEET is processed in lotion, spray and gel form and has been one of the most effective ways to ward off insects for years. In areas with malaria mosquitoes, many are advised to guard against the malaria mosquito with DEET. The repellents operation takes about 5 to 8 hours (depending on the quantity and the conditions). Resources with DEET can also be used in small children, but they are extra sensitive, so use only resources with up to 30% DEET. The drug is effective in all blood-sucking insects, so don't just use them against (malaria) mosquitoes. Some mosquitoes are insensitive to DEET, so it doesn't always work.

How does DEET work? [YouTube] 4IajiagL25E [/youtub
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