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What is a conclave?

Conclave means with key

The conclave is the place where the cardinals of the Catholic Church meet to elect a new pope. They are (with the necessary staff) of any contact with the outside world closed in order to avoid any beïvloeding. Hence the conclave (or conclave) is called: it is behind closed doors, or behind lock and bolt. The conclaves take place in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City, and the entire time space taken before the Pope's choice is called Conclave. The electoral members of the College of Cardinal shall meet at the earliest 15 days after the death or resignation of the pope. In Total, no more than 120 cardinals are allowed to participate in the conclave, and one must not be older than 80. The new pope does not have to be a cardinal, but since 1389 it has no longer been the absence of a cardinal elected pope.

What are the rules for a conclave? YouTube R6JB3BJPGMW [/youtube]

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