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What is a dormer?

A dormer is a development of the roof deck

A dormer is a development of the (oblique) roof, usually consisting of a window frame (vertical), 2 triangle-shaped side walls and a cover. A dormer is sometimes made directly at the construction of a house, but more often it is later put on. With a dormer you get extra headroom in the attic, which usually ensures that you can make a bedroom in the attic. A dormer can be placed in different ways: On location The Dormer is assembled, you have to think of a day or 3 work or a prefab dormer that can usually be mounted in one day on the roof. Also in the prefab models there is still all the freedom to meet their own wishes, it is not that there is one kind of dormer. For some dormer windows, a permit is required (as a rule: if it is in front of a house, or if it concerns an extra large dormer), and this can vary by municipality.

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Dormer from buildup to places [YouTube] DubikUCway4 [/youtube]

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