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What does propaganda mean?

Propaganda means proclaiming

Propaganda is often about politics, when it comes to gaining support for a particular view or a position. Propaganda is all about all the activities that are used to persuade others. Propaganda comes from the Latin propagare, which means extending or propagating. The first use of the word was from the religion, and for a long time the word was also used only in religious spheres. The last 200 years the use of the word has changed. Since then, the word has also received an ever more negative load. This is because it often involves one-sided information, which is incomplete and sometimes even contains lying information with the aim of playing and convincing the public of a position. Propaganda is much like advertising, because it also aims to convince someone and convey a message. The difference is that advertising is mostly for a commerciƫ purpose and it is recognizable as advertisement. Propaganda is not always recognizable as propaganda.

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