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What is a phoneme?

A phoneme is a sound unit

Multiple phonemes in succession can form a spoken word. Phonemes are used to analyze speech: producing speech or recognizing words by playing a number of phonemes. Sounds that are phonemes are a particular language, this does not have to be in any other language. It is also true that different variants of the same language can also have different phonemes. In addition to original phonemes, a language also has borrowed phonemes, these are phonemes which, along with the borrowing words in which they occur, are inherited. For speech analysis and speech recognition, not only phonemes are used but also of Difonen: sounds formed from parts of 2 phonemes, in which the transitions between the phonemes play an important role. In Dutch There are 40 different phonemes.

Phoneme consciousness [YouTube] XpOeh8y1DFo [/youtube]

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