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What is a Happy Meal?

A Happy Meal is a cheerful meal

A Happy Meal is a children's meal from McDonalds. Not only the content is directed at children also the packaging is specially made for children. The packaging is a cardboard box with the logo of the fast food chain, often the box is decorated in the form of the current action: often a promotion of a film. A Happy Meal consists of a portion of French fries, soft drinks (or fruit juice) of your choice, a hamburger, cheeseburger or McNuggets. There can also be chosen for carrots, and as a dessert there is the possibility to squeeze fruit, danoontje or fresh fruit. As an extra, there is also a toy in the box, in the context of the current theme. Due to the increasing obesity among children, there has been a discussion about the Happy Meal, in some cities only toys are given at the Happy Meal when fruit and vegetables are also served. Other fast food restaurants often use the term "Happy meal" to indicate the cardboard box with children's meals.

Pictures of toys from Happy meals

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