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What is a hotspot?

A hotspot is a location with WiFi access

Sometimes a hotspot is free in use, sometimes you have to pay (in advance) and sometimes you can close a subscription. Often, a hotspot has a login page where you will be contacted as soon as you connect to the network. A hotspot login page is also called a ' captive portal ', because you will be caught on this page until you have entered the correct information. Basically, a hotspot is not much more than a router, with a login page before it. In addition to the payment model, there are often limited shelf life on the use of the hotspot. One time you pay an amount per hour, the other time it is per day. Often, a hotspot is also provided with a bandwidth manager that allows the available bandwidth to be distributed among the users (or to ensure that you get a certain speed, regardless of the number of users).

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