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What is a lime nail?

Lime Nail is a fungus nail

A lime nail is a nail that is infected with a fungus, and mainly occur at the feet (fungal infections on the fingernails are almost not occurring). It's got this name because it looks like the nail of lime is made, the nail is also stiffer and more fragile. Cause is often a bad blood vessel or an invasion of fungus that is tricky to get away (medication from 6 to 9 months, the time it takes for a nail to grow). A lime nail is generally a cosmetic problem, but sometimes it can also be painful. How a lime nail looks can differ but usually the following phenomena are visible:

  • (partially) releasing the nail plate at the top (distal onycholysis)
  • White discoloration of the nail plate (mycosis)
  • Horn formation under the nail plate, so that it comes up

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