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What is a Pubquiz?

A Pubquiz is triviant in the café

A pubquiz is sometimes called quiznight, the Pubquiz originates from the English pubs but is also becoming popular in the mainland. The power of the Pubquiz comes from the variety of questions that are suitable for men and women, young or old. The champion of the evening usually goes home with not much more than the fame (sometimes another cup) but in any case it has had a pleasant evening. A pubquiz takes about 3 hours and is usually held on the quieter days (through the week) to get a full café. There is a quiz master that raises the questions and the candidates (a number of people in a team) answer the questions. Usually there are several rounds: a round with general questions, music questions, sound clips or a round of pictures. The price is different per quiz: sometimes it is a price of nothing, but sometimes it is also the cancellation of the drink account of that evening.

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