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What does RID mean?

RID means Regional Institute for Dyslexia

Since 1989, the RID has been the specialist in research and treatment of dyslexia, and has now spread 13 branches across the country. Michel Eady started in 1987 in America and worked there in a Dyslexia institute, which was very good and 2 years later when he came back to the Netherlands, he opened his first office. The goal was to bundle scientific knowledge about dyslexia and develop a treatment that would successfully address the language problems of dyslexics. The RID was the first institute in the Netherlands to specialise in the treatment of dyslexia. The RID works according to the guidelines of the Protocol Dyslexia Diagnostics & Treatment for the care, with which they meet the highest quality requirements. Each CLI &eumnl; NT receives personal attention within a specialist setting. The team consists of more than 130 gz psychologists, psychologists, orthopedagogen and dyslexia specialists. More information about the RID can be found on the website.

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