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What is a Tia?

TIA means Transient ischemic Attack

A TIA is a (temporary) malfunction in the brain because there is too little blood, so it is a short stroke (usually there are also similar causes). A TIA arises because blood clots with vetachtig material and lime release from the wall of the blood vessels. These props get stuck in the tiny blood vessels of the brain.. It is also possible that matter platelets cause a TIA. A TIA suddenly starts and usually takes 5 to 15 minutes. People with high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, a heart disease or diabetes are more likely to get a TIA. Once you've had a TIA, chances are you'll get one more often, and 30% of the people who have had a TIA will also get a stroke later. The phenomena depend on the place of the brain that is affected, but often these phenomena are:

  • Paralysis in arm, hand or leg
  • Power loss in arm, hand or leg
  • tingling (numb skin) of arm, hand or leg
  • Problems with talking
  • Temporary blindness to 1 eye

More information about a TIA can be found on the website of the Hart Foundation

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