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What does AMK mean?

AMK means advice and hotline child abuse

The AMK gives advice and investigates situations where there may be child abuse. The AMK is the institution for anyone with questions, concerns and reports about child abuse. Each province (or large region) has its own AMK, and all AMK's are covered by the youth care Bureau. If there is a suspicion of child abuse, or that advice is desired, you can contact the AMK from the region. You can ask advice on how to conduct a conversation with a parent or child, how to assess the situation is, how to help, etc. Together with the AMK, the seriousness is assessed and a follow-up process is started. More information about the AMK can be read on the website of AMK Nederland or in the leaflet below.

Information film on the advice and reporting point for child abuse. [YouTube] 7PXmge38BSI [/youtube]

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