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What is grooming?

Grooming is digital child lure

Grooming is an English term for decorating, and with respect to Internet is grooming or grooming: seek contact with children with the aim to reduce the sexual inhibitions of the child. Since 2010, this has been banned in the Netherlands. Internet makes it easy to contact anonymously with fewer years, without the parents knowing about it. The children feel special because of the attention they get and are therefore quickly inclined to do something for the other. A groomer tries to gain confidence by chatting about a common hobby or interest in something. By using social media it is easy to find out this kind of information about someone, and to respond to it. This shared interest and is often and easily rumored and creates a bond between the child and the groomer. In recent years there have been set up hotlines for grooming, and more sex detectives are used to combat grooming. Parents and children need to be better informed, so prevention gets a high priority.

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