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What is crochet?

Crochet is a handicraft technique

Hooks are done with wool, cotton, crochet yarn or other types of yarn. It is a technique that aims to make with the help of 1 needle (with a hook) a fabric by fetching tabs through tabs. By using different stitches a pattern can be made. Some familiar names of stitches are: fixed, loose, stick, half-stick and double-stick. A derivative of the crochet work with yarn is finger hooks, in which case no crochet needle is used. Crochet needles usually have a fixed length, and can be obtained in different thicknesses.

Learning hooks (the Basics) [YouTube] FvTbYgI4W2c [/youtube]

For inspiration or tips on crochet you can go here, or do a free 10 step Elnaz course at NTR.

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