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What is Karaoke?

Karaoke is self-singing in music

Karaoke is a form of entertainment in which music is played from a well-known song, and that you sing the text live in a microphone as a singer. The Stens of the original singer are erased and less loudly audible. Often the text is also projected somewhere (including measurement) to make it easy to sing the text. Karaoke has been a popular entertained in Asia since 1980 and has since spread throughout the world, but it is nowhere as popular as in Asia. In 1984, Philips came to the market in the Netherlands with the ' zinger vest '. This was the start of the first form of karaoke in the Netherlands. In 1990, the first karaoke bar was also opened in the Netherlands, and in 1992 the TROS came up with a programme on television where unknown Dutch could sing a song. The Netherlands is a bit behind with the popularity of karaoke, there are still not many karaoke bars, and in Germany and Belgium it is much more popular. With new game consoles and new games, karaoke is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands as well.

Karaoke duets [YouTube] PLE151BF3ED9E5271C [/youtube]

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