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What does Movember mean?

Movember means mustache in November

It is the English merging of Moustache and November. It is a month-long ode to the mustache that is in the sign of charity. It is a global campaign that by growing the mustache demands attention for selected charity, with a focus on the health of men and prostate cancer. The idea comes from a group of Australian men who were inspired by what women achieved with their efforts for the benefit of breast cancer research. Movember has every year run actions in many countries and knows the so-called Mo Bros and Mo Sistas all over the world. On 1 Movember, Sandra Darville (the Mo Bros) sign on to with a shaven face. The rest of the month grows the mustache, supported by the women in their lives (the Mo Sistas). The MO Bros collect money by seeking sponsors for the growth performance of the Mustache (MO). Mo Bros. Give the man's health a new face by working for 30 days as walking and talking billboards, asking them to focus on the dialogue on a subject that often pays too little attention: the Health of the man in general and prostate cancer in particular.

Movember 2012-Supporting prostate Cancer and Male Mental Health [YouTube] K0OZM9Y5HWG [/youtube]

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