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What is cataplexy?

Cataplexy his muscle Verslappingen

Cataplexy are short muscle verslappingen that are provoked by certain emotions. An emotion that can cause a cataplexy attack is hard laughter, or anger, or simply while exercising. A cataplexy attack lasts only a few seconds and usually it is the neck, face and leg muscles that initially slacken. At cataplexy there is a muscle sagging, but one remains conscious, the stricken is fully aware of what happened. In exceptional cases, an attack may also take longer than a few seconds, or it may occur that the patient cannot (properly) talk because the facial muscles are slacking. Cataplexy is not curable, but sometimes drugs that are given in depression also want to help: they suppress the attacks.

Cataplexy in children [YouTube] 59evkMq_QcM [/youtube]

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