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What is polenta?

Polenta is a poor people's dish

Polenta is a dish made of semolina and corn that is considered authentic in northern Italy and parts of Switzerland. You can make Polenta by grinding corn until the corn flour is poured into almost boiling water. This mixture is stirred just as long until it becomes PAP and is smooth (this takes about 50 to 60 minutes). Polenta is often made at home by mixing pre-cooked semolina with a broth and then boiling for about fifteen minutes. This creates a ingeikte porridge that can be cut into pieces after cooling. Although the polenta was of origin for poor people, it is now also served in restaurants and it is also fashionable to offer a (good) polenta to your guests. Just like pasta, your polenta usually doesn't eat only with cheese, fish or vegetables.

How do I make Polenta? [YouTube] Nr_OHts3AAQ [/youtube]

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