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What is shale gas?

Shale gas is unconventional natural gas

Shale gas is methane or natural gas trapped between the clay particles in a shale (clay stone layer). In large parts of the Netherlands this is to be found, kilometers deep under the ground). Drilling to shale gas is done by drilling the clay layer a few kilometers. Then, under high pressure, a mix of water, chemicals and sand grains is injected into the clay layer. This process creates tears through which the gas can run to the drill shaft. The extraction of shale gas is not so long on a commercial basis, but it will affect the energy market. The oil and gas industry indicates that drilling to shale gas is a success, while opponents of the drilling mainly point to the dangers of drilling to shale gas.

Shale gas in the Netherlands [YouTube] NbL2fAsLBW4 [/youtube]

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