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What is Synesthesia?

Synesthesia is a blending of the senses

Synesthesia is the phenomenon that when a sense is stimulated, other senses are also experienced. Think of hearing a word, where at the same time you see the colour blue (you can hear colors, in this case it is called the colour word synesthesia). There are also other combinations of sensory transmission forms: When tasting dishes people experience a form, or when smelling an odor people hear things. The most common form of synesthesia is the color-word synesthesia. Recent estimations say that at 1 in 20 persons synesthesia occurs. Unborn babies are synestheet, they possess the five senses, but they cannot function separately (the baby smells what he tastes, hears what it sees and sees what it feels). It is not possible to learn synesthesia, tests with LSD have shown that there is a connection between, for example, sound and color.

synesthesia [YouTube] mzRl9QuJTOs [/youtube]

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