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What are tapas?

Tapas are small dishes

Tapas is the plural of tapa, and is the name for a Spanish aperitif snack. From the tradition, a tapered appetite is given by a sherry, glass of wine or beer. In some restaurants, a tapas is automatically given to an ordered drink. The origin of the tapa is not quite clear, but the most logical explanation is that it comes from the Spanish word ' tapar ' which means covering (or hedging), originating from the habit of covering a drink with a piece of bread, or meat so that no Flies in the glass come. There are many different types of tapas: hot, cold, fish, meat, vegetables: the idea is that everything can and everything is allowed. When tapas are eaten as a meal, the idea is to put small bowls or dishes with the tapas on the table so that everyone can grab what they want. Each Spanish region has its own use for recipes and presentation and also have its own name, some examples:

  • Pintxos: Coming from the Basque Country and consisting of a slice of baguette with simple to culinary variations held together by a prikkertje.
  • Montaditos: existed since the 15th century and in two species: skewed baguette with cold or warm toppings, or a mini pistoletje with hot or cold topping.
  • Banderillas: Small cold snacks especially known in the north of Spain. The ingredients sit on a cocktail spike that you have to put in the whole in your mouth.

In Spain It is normal to go from one tapas bar to another: one is known for the great choice, the other because of a specialty that is nowhere else to get.

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