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What are UGGS?

UGGs are boots of sheep leather and sheepskin

Uggs come from Australia where the boots have long been popular in the countryside. They prove suitable to keep the feet warm under low temperatures and high pressure, in the two World War they were also popular with pilots. Both sheep leather and sheepskin contain thermostatic properties in which the air is ciruclerened by the fibres and the body temperature is retained. It is intended that you wear Uggs without socks in order to fully achieve these characteristics. A few years ago the real breakthrough came to the general public when more and more Holly word stars, actors and pop stars started wearing the boots. UGG Australia has started on the sandy beaches of Byron Bay where the surfers started wearing the shoes to keep the feet warm between the surf sessions.

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Ugg boots made in Australia [YouTube] FF_bR8o4ohE [/youtube]

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