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What is a care hotel?

A care hotel is a rehabilitation stay

The term Care hotel is increasingly common, but the offer varies widely. One time it is only a separate wing of a hospital, or a department of a nursing home or a home, and sometimes it is to a completely different building. In The current care climate there is an increasing need for comfort and privacy (and is also the idea that it contributes to a quicker recovery) and the hospital is busy enough with care and can be used for help. A care hotel is mainly intended for people who are not able to (or want to) after a hospitalisation. A guest of a care hotel has the professional care available. It is therefore a (temporary) stay with the certainty of 24 hours nursing and care. It gives the luxury of a hotel, with tailored care for its guests. Like a normal hotel, there are several facilities available, and you have luxury and less luxury care hotels. There are care hotels with sauna or beauty center, but it is not a standard service. The cost of a stay depends on the service provided, the care and the facilities available. Usually you will have to pay a large part of the costs yourself, depending on your insurance, the care costs may be covered by the cover (and that only the accommodation costs are for your own account).

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