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What is tomato juice?

Tomato juice is the juice of tomatoes

Tomato juice can be drunk pure, straight out of the suit, but if the (ice) is cold it tastes best. Often, people add extra flavour to it, making use of basil or parsley. A small drop of Tabasco sauce is also very popular. Tomato juice is also used as a basis for soup or a pasta sauce. Tomato juice is for sale in suits and bottles and are available at the supermarket. If the suit Is open, it is best to format it as soon as possible. In tomato/Tomato juice, lycopene (an antioxidant that is quickly absorbed by the body) is something that works positively for infertility and urination problems in men.

Tomato juice Compare, Versapers vs juicer vs Blender [YouTube] H-MAVKFNLC4 [/youtube]

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