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What is a xylophone?

A xylophone is a musical instrument

The name of the xylophone comes from the Greek Xylos, which means wood. Most people know the xyloon of the instrument used in school for music lessons, or as children's toys. A xylophone is pair of wooden rods that are hung on a frame-stretched rope. Under each rod a sound cavity (resonator) can hang to strengthen the tone. A concert xylophone has 2 rows with bars, where the back row corresponds to the Black Keys of a piano, the white row is then the front row. You play the Xyloon by storing sticks with a hard head (wood, or plastic) on the rods.

Benson Walch-Xylophone Concertino-VHJO Junior Orchestra [YouTube] XOrxgclcQQs [/youtube]

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