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What does GDPR mean?

GDPR means General Data Protection Regulation

The new European Data protection legislation (or, as it is called in the Netherlands, the general regulation on data security, AVG), will be in effect from 2018, which affects all organisations working with sensitive data. The law has been developed because the EU wants to create a clear and secure digital environment. The idea is to protect the citizens against data loss and theft by forcing the organization that processes this data to handle it cautiously. Read More

What does DINL mean?

DINL means digital infrastructure Netherlands

The Stichting DINL is a spokeswoman for the Dutch digital infrastructure sector. The foundation originates from a collaboration between AMS-IX, DHPA, ISPConnect, NLnet, SIDN and SURFnet. With a turnover of approximately 1.2 billion euros and an employment of approximately 20,000 jobs, the sector is a driving force for Dutch economic growth. DI Read More

What does NFC mean?

NFC means Near Field Communication

NFC is a wireless technology that should enable electronics to communicate with each other. This happens on a radio frequency that allows mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. Can communicate with each other over a distance of approximately 20 cm (at a rate of 212 kilobits per second). Both Philips and Sony also have smart cards with microprocessor that are intended for storing identification data or financiëe information. Read More

What does DVR mean?

DVR means Digital VCR

A DVR is a device that has the ability to store broadcasts on a hard disk. This is sometimes a separate device but often also a functionality of a satellite receiver or digital decoder. A DVR is also often called a PVR (Personal Video Recorder), depending on the manufacturer/supplier. The capabilities of the DVR/PVR depend on the software used, but globally it can be compared to a VCR. Most of them also have the possibility to look back with delay (this means that you can watch while still being recorded). The more extensive versions also have access to the EPG, or the automatic skipping of advertisements.

What does ISDN mean?

ISDN means Integrated Services Digital Network

ISDN is digital telephony, which allows multiple connections over one telephone line to be established. Before ASDL became commonplace, ISDN was a way to have high-speed internet and to be reachable by telephone as well. Because it is digital, normal analog devices no longer work, except when you purchase an ISDN power station.

What does DTS mean?

DTS means Digital Theatre Systems

DTS is high quality digital multichannel sound which is used in many cinemas. The sound is true to nature, the amount of information per second is much higher than the older Dolby Digital. DTS is used both professionally and for the consumer (stored on DVD or CD). DTS is a noise reduction system by reducing frequencies that are not perceptible to humans (DTS takes away less than Dolby Digital). The first film with DTS was Jurassic Park from 1993.