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What does MOOC mean?

MOOC means Massive Open Online Course

A MOOC is an online course where everyone can register and whose participation is free. Many international universities today offer MOOCs. A MOOC is more than a few lectures in succession: It is a complete self-contained course specially developed for the Internet. Through a forum the participants of a MOOC have contact with the fellow students and with teachers and after the MOOC (often between 5 and 10 weeks) it is possible to do an exam. A MOOC makes (higher) education accessible to a large group of people: it is free, you usually do not have any prior knowledge and the course can be followed from home. The disadvantage is that a MOOC is susceptible to exam fraud and often expensive to make it. Despite the fact that a MOOC is available online, they are not always available: Often it runs along with the semesters of the university. [YouTube] eW3gMGqcZQc [/youtube]

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