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What are iBeacons?

A IBEACON is a signal broadcasting device

A iBeacon is a bit similar to a radio that emits a signal and every iBeacon sends its own signal with a unique code. IBeacons are usually loose small devices that you can buy, but also your iPhone can program you as a IBeacon. A IBeacon uses Bluetooth (BLE) and sends its own signal with an identity, so an action can be linked to the signal. If your iPhone comes with the right app near a IBeacon, action can be taken. A IBEACON has a range of up to 50 meters, but can be limited to allow multiple iBeacons to function side by side. Using IBeacons, you can bring the offline and online world together, and compare it to NFC, but the range of iBeacons is larger. [YouTube] Ok5BkPgqFuQ [/youtube]

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