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What does Spam mean?

Spam means junk mail

SPAM is also an acronym for Sending People Annoying messages, and it is also known as Unsolicited email. It's not really easy to give a definition of spam, because not every junk email is spam. It is often the case that spam is sent to a group that is large. Spam can also be an unwanted SMS message, and does not need to be restricted to e-mail. In the Telecommunications Act it is said that sending SPAM is banned in the Netherlands. The first SPAM message was sent in 1978, then to 393 email addresses. This is now a joke: every day 120 billion SPAM messages are sent daily. SPAM is also the brand name for cooked ham in cans, a kind of Smac as we know it here. The thought is that the men of Monty Python were responsible for the combination of spam and the unwanted messages: [YouTube] Anwy2MPT5RE [/youtube] spam-the Documentary [YouTube] iu-Wv8A_Q5Q [/youtube]

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