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What is a sneakernet?

Sneakernet is a term used to describe the practice of physically transporting data files, often on portable storage devices such as USB flash drives or external hard drives, between computers or networks that are not connected to each other. The term “sneakernet” is a play on the term “ethernet”, which is a common computer networking technology.

Sneakernet is often used in situations where data transfer over a network or the internet is not practical or secure. For example, in some organizations or government agencies, data security protocols may require that sensitive information be physically transported between secure facilities, rather than being transmitted over a network or the internet where it could potentially be intercepted.

Sneakernet can also be used in situations where internet connectivity is limited or unavailable, such as in remote areas or during disaster situations where traditional communication channels may be disrupted.

While sneakernet may seem like a low-tech and inefficient method of data transfer compared to modern networking technologies, it can still be an effective way of moving data in certain situations where other options are not available or practical.

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