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What is GramFree? (SCAM)

GramFree is a website that gives away freem cryptocurrency. Well, nothing in life is free, so this must be a scam right? I am actually not sure about it. Let me explain a little bit more.

On this site you can register and start doing tasks you earn you free grams. You can earn by referring other people to sing up (which I am actually trying to do with this article :)). But also by watching videos that other users have uploaded. This is a way to let people know that it is not a scam, and people actually have withdrawn money from it. But there are only a few a day, and you can only earn 0.1 gram with these.

You can also sign smart contracts. To be honest, I do not really know what they do are how they work, but the idea is you have to click on them on a couple of consecutive days. With this you can earn a few free grams.

There is also a lottery that you can participate in: you buy tickets (with grams) and you have the possibility to win extra grams. But with these websites it’s hard to figure out if this is legit or not.

The downside of it all is that you can only withdraw your free grams if you have more than 500 of them. And it takes a lot of work doing daily tasks to get to that part. They try to let you click on advertisements, or to buy grams and that is where the money is at for them.

I will see if I can keep it up to get to the 500 free grams and see if this all works or not, so I can post an update on this one.

Please you my referral link if you want to check it out and sign up (it’s free!)

[update] So I was able to request a payout, but at the moment of writing it has been more than a month since I requested it. It has not been paid out. So definitely a scam. [/update]

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