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5 Great ways to generate leads using social media

Social networks are among the most powerful forces today. You can use these platforms for more than just sharing memes, images, and videos. With the right strategy, you can use social media to give your lead generation efforts a strong boost.

Digital marketing companies would say that despite its many different forms, social media, at its core, is all about connecting people. Its features and its immense user count-Facebook, for one, is used by almost a third of the planet’s population-make it a promising avenue for finding and nurturing potential customers.

Here are five tips on how to do use social media for your advantage:

Share gated content

Social media lets you share content, which is a great way to gain exposure and engagements from your customers. But you can do better. Every so often, share links to gated content your customers will likely be interested in, such as eBooks, white papers, articles, or videos. Make them accessible only after users provide their details, including their name and email address. This strategy lets you obtain high-quality leads that are likely already interested in your brand or your products.

Run ads

If you want a more direct approach, you can publish ads that social network algorithms will expose to users who are likely interested in them. These ads are straightforward and may not even require users to input their name or their email address. After all, users have already provided these details when they signed up for an account.

Produce live videos

Facebook and YouTube allow you to share real-time videos easily. This feature is very handy if you have announcements or events you want as many people as possible to see. During the live video, you can pique your audience’s interest and lead them to gated content, contests, promos, freebies, and other perks that require them to provide their email address.

Organize webinars or hangouts

A webinar is a seminar that happens on the internet, sometimes through social media. They require attendees to pre-register, allowing you to obtain their details even if they end up not attending. Hangouts, on the other hand, are like chat rooms where you can discuss your products, promos, and other company updates with a group of people. Google Hangouts, in particular, allows you to invite and obtain the details of as many as 150 people at a time.

Run contests

People like winning prizes. Take advantage of this by conducting contests that offer attractive prizes. These rewards do not have to be significant either-they could be something as simple as a small freebie or a discount on one of your most popular products. You can require users to subscribe to your social media page or provide their details to enter the competition. Contests are a win-win and are among the most popular ways used by businesses to enhance their engagement on social media.

Social media is a powerful tool that lets you reach a vast number of potential customers with relative ease. With enough creativity and patience, you can use it to generate leads and improve your business’ bottom line.

Afbeelding van Michel Müller via Pixabay

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