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Rags to Riches: Starting Your Own Commercial Cleaning Business

Commercial cleaning services provide an unbeatable convenience for professionals and families who simply don’t have the time to maintain the cleanliness of their home or business.

Some of these people also might not like the act of cleaning itself, paying others to do the dirty work rather than getting their hands dirty. And while it doesn’t sound as exciting as other business models or ventures, janitorial services in the country make up a $61-billion industry as of 2018.

Simply put, a lot of people nowadays have the disposable income to hire a cleaner. It’s an honest work that pays considerable margins-the perfect business opportunity.

So, if you find yourself wanting to start a home cleaning business, here’s how you can build your very own cleaning empire.

Consider your business model.

Should you start your business from scratch or get your own franchise? Every business needs initial paperwork to be submitted to your local county administration office, city hall or what have you within your state.

You’ll have to apply for any business licenses required by the state. However, you can also cut through the administrative red tape and instead acquire a cleaning service franchise instead. This way, you’ll have the credibility and resources of an established janitorial company.

Find interested people.

Maybe there’s a business that wants to have their place cleaned every other weekend. Or maybe there’s a landlord who wants to offer their tenants deep cleaning services. Some government programs that support small businesses can help you find your market, too. The more people you find interested, the easier it is to find who to cater your business to.

Source your supplies.

What’s a cleaning business without its implements, supplies and appliances? Start with your basic cleaning materials; look for sturdy mops, buy rags and towels in bulk, find cleaning fluid suppliers where you can get discounts. Remember to think of green-thinking clients and look for eco-friendly alternatives. Get your business some high-performance vacuum cleaners. If you’re considering carpet cleaning, invest in some steam carpet cleaners.

Aside from the general cleaning supplies, you should also purchase logistics and accounting software to carefully track your cleaning team and the revenue and expenses.

Don’t forget insurance.

Like any business, there are inherent risks involved with cleaning services. Property damage, theft, cleaner negligence resulting in client injuries and equipment breakdown all may happen during your business’s lifespan. Make sure that you offer your clients property and liability coverage to give your clients a safety net. On your end, get your business auto insurance and, if needed, workers compensation insurance to protect your business.

Market your business.

From networking with people to distributing advertising materials, market your business to your target market. Get your word out and gain some customers. Once you find yourself some loyal clients, ask them for testimonials and/or referrals to let your business grow. Keep delivering quality cleaning services to your clients and find yourself swarmed by potential customers.

Janitorial services deliver honest work with honest yet profitable pay. Don’t let this opportunity slip past you. Start your own commercial cleaning service today!

Afbeelding van Sebastian Ganso via Pixabay

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