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What does KPI mean?

KPI means Key Performance Indicator

In Dutch, the term critical performance indicators are often used in both languages, such as KPI or KPIs. It is a management tool to analyse the performance of a company. KPIs are a good management tool because they are based on a strong effect on multiple result areas: profitability, Klanttevredeneheid, employee satisfaction and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Each organization has only a number of KPIs (the most important) therefore they are often difficult to figure out. If a company has a strategic goal to achieve the fastest growth in the industry, a KPI can be revenue or revenue growth. A KPI is a measurement method for quantifying an objective, so the strategy can be measured. A KPI can provide important information to the Organization: the development of the company can be followed in the past and compared with the competition. In the long term, a prediction can also be made.


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