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What is Ouzo?

Ouzo is an alcoholic beverage

Ouzo is probably the most famous Greek liquor, with an alcoholic rate of around 40%. Since the end of 2006, Ouzo has a protected status within the EU, which provides protection against counterfeiting. Ouzo is distilled in copper boilers from a combination of alcohol (actually ethanol), anise, grapes, water and various herbs. Proportions may vary by family, but the predominant taste is always anise. Sometimes fennel is also used instead of Anise, often it is a cheaper version. Ouzo is drunk pure or with ice, or water. In pure form, Ouzo is clear, but with water it becomes milky, this is due to oil from the anise. The more anise in it, the more murky the ouzo becomes. Similar anise drinks are raki, absinthe or Sambuca.

Greek taditioneel song about Ouzo [YouTube] sDr0S1X3jo0 [/youtube]

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