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What is Uber?

Uber is an international taxi company

Uber is a taxi service started in America and later started in other major cities (London, Berlin, Amsterdam). Uber is an alternative to normal taxis and distinguish themselves (according to themselves) by the reliability and comfort. The taxi service is controlled by an app on your smartphone, since you have previously signed up with your credit card and details you will have a taxi in a few clicks. On a map you can see the uber-taxis and you can also see how long it takes for the ordered taxi to be in your state, what car it is, and other information about the driver and the taxi. After the ride you will receive an invoice and an overview of the ride via the app. A taxi-ride with UBER costs a little more than a normal ride, but by the luxury and convenience this is worth finding most users. More information and registration can be on the site (and with this link you will also get another €10 in your account)

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