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What does levelling mean?

Levelling means the Netherlands Institute for Public Development and nature work

The leveling revolves around the nature work and the popular development, and has its origins in 1924. There had to be a cultural place for development and education, that place came through it because different groups activities like hiking, traveling, nature study, etc. Undertook. The current name exists since 1959 and has since become no longer party political (before that it was the case). The leveling has over 30,000 members and spends 4 times a year on the member magazine Torch. The leveling wants to give people the opportunity to become aware of themselves and their environment and do so by offering all kinds of activities, places and products that make this (co-) possible. This is called the leveling: the places. These are often trips or theme activities (Youth Survivaltochten, single-parent weekends), but this can also be a book on the Pieterpad. The leveling is there for anyone who is looking for more than less and who dares to go together. More information can be found on the website of the Levelen.

Last guests at Leveln-Camping [YouTube]-MWKmwzUflE [/youtube]

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