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What is gamification?

Gamification is a game making a non-game

People play naturally like games, a time long this was done on a computer or a game console. As a child you are already playing games, and at a later age you come more into reality and ' escape ' you by playing a game. As an adult person, it is expected to take a serious approach everywhere, but playing games remains an irresistible attraction to many people. With the current technology (almost everyone has a smartphone with camera, GPS and all kinds of other sensors), and that technology forms the basis of gamification. A good example is Foursquare, by checking in on a location you get points, and can win your badges. A normal process (I'm here) is made a game because you get points. The challenge lies in the fact that you get more points than your friends, so you are the winner. With the help of gamification, there are more and more apps that try to get something for each other.

Fun is the Future: Mastering Gamification [YouTube] 6O1gNVeaE4g [/youtube]

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