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What does 360 video mean?

A 360 video is a rotating video

A 360 video (or actually: 360 degree video) is a video that is recorded with a camera that films around. When you look at a 360 degree video you can turn around and see another part of the video. It gives a completely different picture than the classic experience that you can only view from one side. These cameras used to be very expensive and the stitching of the images took a long time. With the current techniques, the 360 cameras become more affordable. The ordinary consumer can now buy a 360 camera and only need to press record and the rest controls the camera (or the included software). On Facebook and Youtube you can see more and more 360 degrees videos appearing. On a mobile phone you can often just change your phone from position and the image is spinning: so you ' look ' at the creator of the video. YouTube WtAiEeZiYfs [/youtube]

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