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What does LoRa mean?

LoRa means Long Range Low Power

The LoRa protocol (or actually LoRaWAN) is a protocol for mobile networks specifically designed to meet the high demands of the Internet of Things. A LoRa network is designed to allow small energy-efficient devices to talk to each other. Through LoRa transmitters It is possible to estimate the location at 10 meters accurately, for example it is possible for parents to follow their children, or to find a stolen bike. One advantage of LoRa is that it works with a low frequency, which increases the range per mast. Because of its wide range and low power consumption, it could mean a cost reduction for many companies. Many applications and devices do not require a lot of network capacity, and operate now through an expensive WiFi or 3g network. By default, LoRa provides a 128 bit of AES encryption, which also has a reasonable security built in. KPN started to set up a rural LoRa network at the end of 2015/beginning 2016. Https://

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