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What is a VR glasses?

A VR glasses is a virtualrealitybril

Virtual reality has been around 50 years, but recently the VR glasses are on the rise and virtual reality is really in a rapid pace. It started about 50 years ago all with training pilots, the trainings were basic but served their purpose well. Meanwhile, these trainings are much further developed and the pilots are really delusional in a virtual world. When in 2014 the Oculus Rift VR glasses was launched was the fence of the dam and unleashing itself a revolution. Soon, Google started developing a cheaper alternative to the Google Card board, allowing users to experience virtual reality in a budget way. In addition to the VR headset, she developed an app in which you can experience all kinds of experiences. Not only Google developed app's, but other parties also started to develop large-scale games, apps and movies. Google was not the only big party that interfered in the Virtual Reality battle. Also brands such as, Razer, HTC in collaboration with Valve and Sony began to develop VR eyewear. Meanwhile, Virtual Reality has developed and started developing manufacturers, 360 degrees cameras, professional camera systems, software for 3d movies, apps and games, and Sony PlayStation de PSVR developed. So you can connect a VR glasses to your console, which means that the high-quality Virtual Reality threshold will suddenly be much lower. More and more, you can see that manufacturers are also starting to mix augmented reality, making you blend the real world with the digital world. The special thing about this is that everything is still in its infancy and will develop considerably in the coming years. How important the role of VR is in the end, we do not know exactly, but it seems that it is going to be a hugely important role.

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