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What does BYOD mean?

BYOD means Bring Your Own Device

You used to have better stuff (computers, phones) than at home, since gadgets are so popular and accessible that it is increasingly common for people to have better (newer) stuff at home than at work. This is why BYOD is starting to become popular, and there are already companies that make a policy of making people take their own belongings. If someone with his own stuff works better or faster, then a boss often has no problems with people taking their own stuff, however it is often difficult to compensate financially for the electronics that people take with them. There are schemes in which you, as an employer, can cover part of the purchase, also think of teleworking possibilities, where an employee is given a budget to set up the home workplace. Recent research shows that more and more employees use their own smartphone on the work floor, and their own laptops (and tablets) are increasingly used on the work floor. The BYOD increases productivity (after all, you work on a device with which you work most comfortably), for the IT departments it is often a problem because there are no guidelines for (illegally) installed software.

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